About Us

Kanvera provides business process automation and consolidated view of business operations so that business team has more time to focus on most critical business functions. With our services, you will have increased efficiency, lower cost and higher ROI. Our systems and processes are engineered to provide the best solutions.

We specialize on the areas of your business that are not your core strength or that you have difficulty managing consistently. Our customers find the areas of greatest impact to be

  • Visibility into operations from dashboard and score cards.
  • Development and management of automated, self serve reports.
  • Document management solutions.
  • Data mining and bringing out hidden correlations.
  • Business process automation.

With our expertise and commitment to Health care IT, we provide specialized services for the health care industry that will help you focus on business, while we take care of technology, integration, implementation and compliance.

Our work process and engagement management result in higher productivity and fewer disruptions to your business. Tight synchronization with your busines team means reduced cycle times and faster deployments. Our detailed planning, high quality work and measurable results produce higher customer satisfaction.