With our services, you will have increased efficiency, lower cost and higher ROI. Our proven systems and processes are engineered to provide the best solutions.

Kanvera provides the following end to end services.

  • Visibility for business operations with dashboard and score cards.
  • Analytics and data mining.
  • Data and service integration
  • Automate manual processes
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Document management solutions and related work flow automation.
  • Report generation, subscription and management.
  • Portal solutions for collaboration
  • Extract, transformation and load

For health care vertical, we provide the following specialized services.

  • Help realize incentives by achieving meaningful use (HITECH act)
  • Integration and interface with heterogeneous systems
  • Informatics to identify and improve patient health, ┬árisk exposure.
  • Replace paper with digital communications.
  • Population sizing and analytic tools.
  • Sourcing and distribution of administrative and clinical data thru Health Information Exchange.
  • Leverage cloud and mobile platform to build next generation solutions.